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Solve It – Think Outside of the Box is a small privately owned family business on Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA. Our business began when our owner Amira Sagie first stepped foot into a small cramped warehouse style store in Israel. Each shelf was jam packed with these wooden puzzles that stumped even our great owner. After being a pre-school teacher for several years, she truly appreciated the value in such intriguing puzzles! She found in these puzzles a great solution on how to stimulate and encourage the minds in all ages, a challenge she had pondered frequently in her many years of teaching. In July 2012, she undertook the challenge of a new store that would bring these amazing ideas to the West Coast. Solve It truly is the first store of its kind!

We specialize in thinking learning, and above all playing! We carry a variety of games for young developing children all the way to games that help to keep wise minds sharp in the later years of life. We believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to! It is essential in life to expand our minds. We must continue to learn new things on a daily basis and overcome the small challenges that hinder us. Our puzzles encourage just that “can-do anything potential” which we all possess. By handling these hand crafted wood games we can enjoy the simplicity of returning to nature in order to expand our knowledge base. Think in every direction, and see what possibilities you can now create not just with puzzles but also in your life.


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