New Shipment! New Puzzles and Games!

May 02, 2013


Our last shipment just arrived with a lot of new games and puzzles!

Here is the preview of our famous new games and puzzles: 


Can (Beer) Puzzle - Wooden Brain Teaser


Price $19.99

Try to get the can out, without cutting the rope!
Hilarious or cruel depending on whether you are giving or receiving this gift. 


Spin To Win - Wooden Puzzle


Price $19.99

Rearrange all of the same colored balls in the same vertical row. Each row of balls should be the same color. You can spin it in any way you want!

Quattro Connect four - Wooden Game

Price $34.99

The objective is to build four in a row.
One little trick: it is possible to cancel a line by lowering this line!


V-Cube 7 White Pillowed Multicolor Cube Puzzle 

Price $54.99

Challenging puzzle, perfect to improve your intellectual abilities. You will need to discover intelligent strategies, tricky combinations and sophisticated techniques, in order to solve this masterpiece!
The 7 x 7 cube holds the record of being the largest, smoothest and most complex rotational puzzle game in the world!
The possible number of permutations of the 7 x 7 Cube is 1.95*10^160 !!!
Discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides on your V-CUBE.
The V-Cube series are more smooth than the regular rubik's cube series.