Happy Valentine's Day From Solve It! Think Out of the Box

February 07, 2013


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Few Valentine's Ideas For You 

Cast Amour - Hanayama Metal Puzzle

Unwind the two gold rings from the silver heart. 


A word from the designer:
"A masterpiece by metal smith Akio Yamamoto, the key word for this puzzle is 'love'. The two individually linked loops make this puzzle extremely challenging. The objective is to remove the masterfully united 'Adam' and 'Eve' loops from the metal plate crafted in the shape of the 'Forbidden Fruit'...and, if you succeed in putting them back together again, your love may just come to fruition."
Original Designer -Yamamoto

Cast Heart - Hanayama Metal Puzzle

Unravel the chain to free the silver heart. 


A word from the designer:
"This puzzle stands for the tight bond holding together the hearts of lovers the world over. The first step is to free the gold and silver hearts from the chain. Once complete, you have to try your best to get them all back together. This puzzle, to be quite honest, is really tough. So... here's to success in love and in puzzles! This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with - yes you guessed it - a loved one."
Original Designer -Hanayama Co. 2001


Heart Tangram - Wooden Puzzle 

Take the pieces out of the box and assemble any of the 65 cards.


A fabulous game for all ages, Tangram puzzles originated in China and became popular in Europe during the 1900's. The 9 shapes in the heart can be rearranged to form the shapes on all 65 cards. This wonderful set offers a larger variety of shapes than the traditional.



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